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Title: Negotiations
Author: penguin_sama
Pairing(s)/Characters: Yohji/Aya
Rating: PG13
Summary: The trials and tribulations of a mission gone wrong
Warnings: mild language, implied yaoi
Author's Notes: Aya and Yohji are my OTP
Disclaimer: Weiss and all associated characters do not belong to me

At times like these, he always told himself that if he could just survive until the morning, everything would be fine.

"It's like being trapped in one of those stupid horror movies, you know?" he whispered. Once the sun came up, everything would be all better.

For a moment there was no response from the man crouched in the cramped hiding space with him. Then, slowly, the other assassin's head turned, the action putting their noses just inches apart, and Yohji found himself staring from frighteningly-close range into one of Aya Fujimiya's infamous Death Glares.

You'll give us away, that glare accused pointedly.

What Aya actually said was, "Stop voicing only half of your thought," his voice was quiet and terse, though it was impossible to tell if it was from pain from some injury Yohji had failed to notice, or just his usual annoyance at being forced to interact with any other living soul.

Yohji wondered idly if the other man would find the complete thought any less bothersome than the half he had already blurted. Then again, the blonde knew he had a bad habit of mumbling random things when he was feeling stressed – it was almost as if the act of trying to maintain all of his thoughts and feelings inside his head alone was too difficult a task under such strenuous situations and the things he couldn't contain simply slipped out on their own.

It was a habit Asuka had always hated.

He attempted a grin. "Have I been mumbling?"

Aya grunted and looked away.

"What did I say?" Yohji was curious now.

He was surprised when Aya answered. He was even more surprised to find that there seemed to be a little amusement mixed in with the expected annoyance.

"You asked where the nearest Shoney's was, wondered about the secret diaries of hotel furniture, and informed me that you have a dentist appointment next Thursday," he supplied with a sigh. "Also, there was something about banana hammocks that I was very careful not to listen to."

Yohji briefly considered, then discarded, Manx's recent suggestions that he start seeing one of Krittiker's shrinks.

"Sorry." he offered, giving a sheepish grin even though Aya had yet to look back at him. "Maybe if you talk to me for a while I'll be able to stop."

"They'll hear us if we continue this."

"Come on – you know no one's been by this way for at least an hour."

Aya didn't answer, choosing instead to ignore his obviously-flawless logic. Yohji sighed.

A last-minute mission certainly hadn't been on his top-ten list of favorite things to do on a Friday night. A last-minute mission that went wrong wasn't even on his top-one-hundred list.

"And getting chased by zombies totally sucks ass," he decided.

Aya's elbow nudged him in a way that probably would have hurt had the smaller man had more room to maneuver. "Those weren't zombies," he argued flatly. "And I told you to stop it."

Somehow Weiss had gotten separated and their comm links had gone down. Suddenly it had just been him and Aya, running in heart-pounding desperation down the cold, dark hallways of the Esset research lab as the gnashing, clawing, ferocious creatures came tearing after. It was Aya who had found their current hiding place – a small but sturdy wardrobe in the back of one of the offices – and pulled him inside. It was luck that he'd managed to time it just right for the creatures to miss seeing them slide into the shelter.

And it had to have been more than luck that had kept the monsters from smelling or hearing them and led them to eventually give up tearing through the office in search of them. Yohji was sure that they had been only seconds from discovery before the room had suddenly gone silent.

They were sure that there were still a few out there, pacing the halls, searching for them, ready to attack, and they were strong. One or two he and Aya could handle, but more than that…

"I wonder if they're just out there waiting for us to come out. Like zombie fast food or something."


The sharp, snapping command in the other man's voice was somehow reassuring. Like the hope of daylight, Yohji knew that they were safe as long as that voice remained strong.

"We're going to have to move eventually," he pointed out. "Can't stay here forever."

"I'm thinking, damn it."

"Do you want the cleaning maid to be the one to find us? We escape the zombies just to get caught by some old woman with a bottle of Windex?"

"Yohji!" Aya's head turned toward him again, and even in the dim light provided by a crack somewhere in the wardrobe, Yohji knew that the man was ready to strangle him.

"I'm just trying to help."

"I swear – I'll do anything if you'll just shut up and let me think!" he snarled.

Yohji fell silent, but couldn't resist the urge to waggle his eyebrows, mouthing the word 'anything?' Aya looked like he regretted the promise immediately.

The two assassins had been dating for more or less two months. Though Aya had initially agreed to it only to get Yohji to stop "stalking, pestering, bothering, and annoying the hell out of" him, the blonde liked to think that he was growing on the man. At least, Aya usually seemed happy with the arrangement – most of the time. He even admitted he liked kissing and snuggling with Yohji, and even enjoyed their dates, as long as Yohji "behaved himself." Whatever that meant.

But they had yet to fully consummate their relationship – Aya claimed that they were too busy with missions and that it would have to wait until they were free from distraction. Yohji happened to know that they both had some vacation time coming up, and for the last week and a half had been doing all in his power to convince the lovely man that they should request to be allowed to take that time together.

"I'm not sure I'm willing to be stuck alone with you for that long," Aya had said with a glare, the last time Yohji brought it up.

Of course, nothing could be worse than being trapped in this wardrobe, Yohji reasoned. They'd been alone all this time and, despite Aya's glares and threats, the man had yet to kill him.

He closed his eyes and tried to picture the two of them snuggled together on some beach somewhere – the white sand warm on their bare skin, the waves crashing with their strange nautical music, the pale blue sky above them bleached by the bright, caressing rays of the sun…

"Slathering your entire body with cocoa butter…"

Aya made some kind of strange noise beside him, and even in the dim light it was clear he was blushing. Yohji felt his grin grow wider.

"Doesn't sound all that bad now, does it?"

"Compared to being stuck in a closet with you?" Aya didn't bother to lecture him for daring to voice the half-formed thought. This time, at least, it was clear what he was thinking of. His voice was resigned.

"And with zombies waiting for us outside," Yohji reminded him. "There wouldn't be zombies in Maui. At least, I don't think there would be."

Aya gave a small, almost-amused snort. "I suppose it wouldn't be so terrible."

Yohji laughed. "Am I gonna have to ask Esset to almost-kill us every time I'm trying to convince you to do something fun?"

Aya was silent for a long time before he finally deemed to answer: "…maybe."


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Jan. 4th, 2009 08:02 pm (UTC)
Yohji's stream-of-consciousness mutterings were rather amusing, although I agree with the above comment that it's a little difficult to believe such a habit would be present in someone who was a trained PI (not to mention has already managed to survive countless missions.)

I would have liked to see this fic slowed down or lengthened to give you room to reveal the status of Aya and Yohji's relationship in a more natural progression with less explaining. It felt a bit rushed and "tell-y" to me.

The zombie monster rushing past very much captured the atmosphere of the original show, I rather liked that. Entertaining concluding quote, too.
Jan. 5th, 2009 05:05 pm (UTC)
"I wonder if they're just out there waiting for us to come out. Like zombie fast food or something."

That was hilarious! And with their luck, there would be zombies in Maui.
Jan. 7th, 2009 01:48 pm (UTC)
I love the idea of Weiss dealing with zombies way more than is probably healthy. :) And Aya refusing to acknowledge that they're zombies is *so* Aya. :)
Jan. 8th, 2009 02:56 am (UTC)
A perfect mix of sweet and snark. Despite the, er, imminent dangers, this fic makes me so warm and happy. ^o^

Everyone is in character, and zombies... are believable enough in Weiss Universe. Very well done!
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