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The Drabbles

Title: Aya’s New Fan Club
Author: sybilrowan
Pairing(s)/Characters: No pairings, just Aya
Rating: PG
Summary: Aya makes a startling discovery on his first day working at the flower shop.
Warnings: None.
Author’s Notes: Small part of a larger story I’m working on.
Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz, its names and characters belong to Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss, Marine Entertainment and Animate Film.
Beta Reader: My totally awesome, and totally picky, husband WingedPanther73!
December 16, 2008/ Word Count= 100

Aya’s New Fan Club

“Look! A new one!” a girl shouted, pointing to clueless Aya. Ken, Youji, and Omi howled in laughter; Aya was flanked by teenaged girls. They assaulted the cool redhead with questions. This was a living nightmare.

“Buy something or quit pestering me!” he finally shouted. They twittered in delight. His brand new teammates all doubled over across the counters, giggling. Aya glared and waded through the teenage girls towards them. “Get them off of me!”

“Not a chance. We all deal with it. The newness fades and then we’ll all have to share the burden with you once again,” Youji said.


Title: Death and Clothing
Author: circeniko
Pairing(s)/Characters: Schuldig
Rating: G
Summary: Schuldig likes funerals.
Warnings: none.
Author’s Notes: nada
Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz does not belong to me, nuff said.

Death and Clothing

Schuldig likes funerals. It's fun listening to the confused thoughts around him: who is this strange looking foreigner?

Eventually it backfires on him.

"Excuse me," says the police-detective, "how did you know Hokkaido-san?"

The man is surprisingly single-minded. Finally, annoyed, Schuldig shifts to his left just in time to collide with another guest’s drink.

"If you'll give me a moment," he says to the detective, fingering his stained suit in distaste.

Exiting via the bathroom window Schuldig takes a moment to distract a waiter who is filling the punch-bowl. The resultant screams make him smile in spiteful satisfaction.

Dry cleaning is a bitch.

Title: Red Riding Hood
Author: vr2lbast
Pairing(s)/Characters: Schuldig
Rating: PG
Summary: Schuldig has some fun on a night out.
Warnings: None
Author’s Notes: Prompt-free drabble
Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz is the creation of Koyasu Takehito and the production of Project Weiss. The characters, settings, and events herein are used without permission for fan entertainment purposes only.

Red Riding Hood

Where are you going, little girl,
In the big, bad dark
Where the nightmares lurk
And fear eats your heart?
Do you feel you need a guardsman?
Do you feel you need a friend?
Do you feel you need a hero
Who can lead you to the end
Of the ever-winding road
Through the city's darkened streets
Where there are wolves on every corner
In the eyes of those you meet?
What's the matter, little girl?
Are their voices in your head?
Don't you listen? Aren't you relieved?
Don't you believe they aren't deceived
By the man capped in red?

Title: Stand Up Forever
Author: star_of_heaven
Pairing(s)/Characters: Ken, Kurumi
Rating: G
Summary: Ken wants to comfort Kurumi.
Warnings: None.
Author's Notes: Side B timeline.
Disclaimer: Don't own Weiß Side B.

Stand Up Forever

Japan or Britain, life was still the same. Ken could not say he was "happy," but neither was he regretful; he had found a place he "belonged." With those thoughts, he tried to comfort Kurumi.

"Adjusting well, Kurumi-chan?" Ken asked Kurumi one day.

"I'm managing," Kurumi answered with an awkward smile. She still seemed uncomfortable, and Ken knew why.

He laid a hand on Kurumi's shoulder. "You can trust us, and it's all right to think of this flower shop as your home."

"Ken…" Kurumi leaned against Ken and began sobbing uncontrollably, and Ken did his best to comfort her.


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Jan. 7th, 2009 08:05 am (UTC)

The poem was juuuust right. I can just see Schuldig's image superimposed on it. Very clever!
Jan. 7th, 2009 10:38 pm (UTC)
Fan Club - oddly, I don't think I've ever seen anyone do this before...so congrats on what is (at least to me) a new idea! I really enjoyed it, and would love to see the "larger story" you're working on.

Death and Clothing - I'm a big Schu fan, so naturally I love anything with him in it - as long as he's written properly, that is. You definitly seem to have caught hold of his personality here. The only problem I have with this drabble is a personal one - an extreme bias against anything written in present tense. You handled the unusual choice well, but for me personally, it would still have been better in past tense.

Red Riding Hood - what a surprising piece! You get props just for submitting something so very different. The poem seems to me like a very clear picture of what Schu's victims may experience while he's 'playing' with them.

Stand Up Forever - Ken isn't one of my favorites to read about, but I thought the drabble presented a nice little 'moment' - like a snapshot of an event. Very nice.
Jan. 9th, 2009 08:09 pm (UTC)
1. I’m definitely going to jump on the bandwagon and agree that I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the topic of Aya’s introduction to the fan girls addressed before. I liked that Aya’s famous “Buy something or leave” line is apparently instinctual right off the bat, and that even Yohji is actually happy to get a reprieve from the attention.

2. I think the idea of Schuldig funeral crashing is pretty original and interesting. Although I feel that it might have been a bit of a complex concept to try to fit into a drabble. I felt a little bit lost at the end, and had to put thought into why Schuldig attacked the waiter. I assume to take his clothes, but that wasn’t immediately obvious to me. This could make a pretty decent story if you expanded it though.

3. It never would have occurred to me to write a poem for a drabble. I was impressed by the creativity. It had a very nice rhythm to it, and totally sounded like schuldig.

4. I don’t really know the new Side B characters, so I find this one hard to comment on, but it worked fore me. As Penguin sama said, it creates an effective snapshot.
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