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WK Squee Intro and Rules Post

Welcome to wk_squee, a challenge community dedicated to all things Weiss! (And by “Weiss,” we also mean all things Schwarz, Kritiker, Side B, and so on.)

This community, moderated by bunnysquee , white_cross_b , and whymzycal , is open for sign-ups. All submissions must be emailed to the mods (wk.squee@gmail.com), in the proper format, by midnight (PST) on January 1st, 2009.

Voting for the five categories will take place from January 7th to the 14th, and winners will be announced on January 15th.


1. Fics must be at least 1,000 words long (except for entries in the drabble category, which must be 100 words long – no more, no less).

2. Sign up under the lot prompt(s) that you want to write for. You may sign up for more than one prompt if you wish. Please note that comments to the prompt posts will be screened to maintain anonymity.

3. The mods will post all fics to maintain anonymity. And because we just like knowing things that you don’t. Heh.

4. Fics must be spell-checked and proofed. We strongly encourage the use of a beta, and if you do use one, we ask that you give your beta credit. SHOW YOUR BETA SOME LOVE! (Don't worry; if you do use a beta, we'll hide his or her name until the winners are revealed to make sure you stay anonymous.)

5. Fics must be received by midnight (PST) on January 1st, 2009.

6. Fics must be formatted for LJ, meaning that writers must include any and all HTML tags appropriate for LJ in their fics.

7. Fics must be submitted via email as .rtf or .txt attachments. If we can’t open your fic, we can’t post it!

8. Any fic that is unbeta’d or which contains formatting, grammar, or punctuation problems that are distracting to readers will be returned to the writer. You will have 24 hours to re-beta/reformat/rewrite your fic and resubmit it.

9. Flame comments will not be tolerated or counted for the comment prize. (Yeah, we’re having a prize for commenting. Whee! Please note: The mods will award this prize at their discretion.)

10. Sign up for prompts here (you may sign up for more than one prompt):

Merchandise lot 1 - "Pale Blue Sky" prompt
Merchandise lot 2 - "Unsavory" prompt
Merchandise lot 3 - "Black & White" prompt
Merchandise lot 4 - Prompt-free (write what you want!)
Drabble lot - 100 words only (prompt-free)
Comments lot (no sign-up; will be awarded at mods' discretion)

11. Fics must be submitted with the following headings, which should be filled out appropriately. Please note: It is particularly important that you accurately fill out the “Rating” and “Warnings” slots in your headings. Failure to do so will result in your fic being returned to you for reformatting.

Author’s Notes:

12. Feel free to leave comments to this post or to contact the mods if you have any questions.

13. Fics must use the prompts, not merely be inspired by them, to be considered for the prizes. This saves the mods from having to be arbiters of topicality and ensures fairness across all prompt lots. Sorry for any confusion!

14. Go forth and write awesome fics. And – most importantly – have fun!