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Black and White submission 3 - Laid

Title: Laid
Author: kittyheaven
Pairing(s)/Characters: Yohji/Aya
Rating: NC-17
Summary: “Dressed me up with women’s clothes, messed around with gender roles. Dyed my eyes and called me pretty.” Laid by James.
Warnings: m/m sex, cross-dressing.
Author’s Notes: This song came on my playlist while I was thinking about the prompts, it made me think of black stockings and how Aya is always supposed to have ‘white’ skin and set me off on the idea for this fic.
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to the characters of Weiss Kreuz or make any profit from them

It was so very easy to get Aya to do what he wanted. All Yohji had to do was insult his pride or accuse him of being scared, something like that, and Aya would immediately agree. Of course, Aya did actually enjoy Yohji's 'suggestions' once they started, so he didn't feel that guilty.

And who cared when it resulted in the vision in front of him, handcuffed to the bedstead.

Yohji would admit he had quite a few kinks and fetishes he liked to experiment with, but who could blame him when Aya was just such a perfect guinea pig?

This time, Yohji had used a little bit of black mascara and eyeliner on him. Some glossy red lipstick had been a must, long lasting of course. He'd expected a fight over the black jewelled hairclips at his temples, but once Aya had agreed to something he went for it whole-heartedly Yohji had found a marvellous black, velvet choker with more jewels dropping down in a V, and some similar clips to put on his nipples. Aya had done as he was told and sat patiently on the bed, while Yohji had revelled in the ritualistic feeling as he'd painted his finger and toenails a dark red. There had been a flicker of disbelief when he’d held up the suspender belt, but he still hadn’t objected. So finally Yohji had knelt on the floor in front of him and, taking his time, had rolled the black, lacy stockings slowly up his legs and attached them to the belt.

And now he had this gorgeous creation tied to the headboard, lying at his mercy on fresh white sheets. The contrast of the black and white made him seem to glow. Yohji congratulated himself on his excellent taste.

Aya's knee twitched up, the only indication that he was feeling self conscious under Yohji's gaze. He crawled onto the bed and settled himself between Aya’s legs. He lent down and gave him a deep, lingering kiss, their tongues circling each other’s. Black lashes fluttered against pale cheeks as he moved his tongue slowly down Aya's body, trailing his fingers lightly along cool skin.

He traced round his nipples and gave them a quick tug which got him a moan. He continued further down. Ignoring the erection that was now bobbing for attention, he trailed down the groove at the top of his legs, rubbing his cheek against the material of the stockings. Looking back up his body, Yohji let his breath tickle across Aya’s balls. He twitched and bit his lip as he craned his neck to watch. Taking them into his mouth Yohji sucked and ran his tongue over them, revelling in Aya's gasped curse.

This wasn't his goal though, and with a wicked smile he licked a path down behind his balls. Pushing his legs up out the way and exposing him, he continued until he was tonguing Aya's entrance.

He loved how trying to hold in his moans meant Aya made the most adorable whimpers instead. He continued to stab his tongue past the tight ring. Aya was breathing faster now. Yohji reached and ran his hand up and down Aya's cock. He was straining against his restraints, a frown creasing his forehead and his face tight. Oh yeah, he was close. Yohji increased the pace of his hand and his tongue, pushing it in deeper and faster until Aya came with a whimper, striping his stomach.

Yohji wiped off his hand and licked along Aya’s softening shaft, making him shudder. He made quite the picture. Stocking clad legs slightly raised and sprawled, his stomach covered in his release; eyes closed, painted lips swollen and parted.

Yohji reached over and grabbed the camera off the bedside table, capturing the moment before Aya had recovered.

“What the hell?” Aya snarled. Yohji quickly knelt across his chest hampering his struggles. He whipped out the Polaroid and waved it in the air as he smiled down at him. “Relax.”

“No way Yohji. If you dare...”

“Hey, hey what do you take me for?” Yohji grinned. “Don't panic, no-one will see it, this is just for my personal pleasure.” With deliberate movements he reached over and put the photo in the cabinet drawer and turned the key. Aya was still looking at him suspiciously. He leaned down until their lips nearly met, and whispered to him.

“I wanted to capture how you look right now. I'm going to keep it for when you're not around and remember what I did to you, and what I’m still going to do with you.” He smiled at the heat now in Aya’s gaze. “Yeah, I'll lie here and use that picture of you to jerk myself off.” He licked at Aya’s lips, “you'll be my real life masturbation fantasy. It won't be the first time either.” Aya’s tongue came out to meet his, and they kissed.

He leaned back. “Now, for thinking the worst about me, I intend to get some compensation.”

He shuffled further up the bed until he was astride Aya’s head and pointed his cock at Aya’s mouth. “Suck.”

Aya took his member in eagerly, swirling his tongue around the head. Yohji wanted more though and began to thrust, shallowly at first, letting Aya get used to it, and pushing further in as his throat relaxed. He groaned in pleasure at the sensation, and ran his fingers through Aya’s hair before holding onto the head board with both hands to steady himself. He looked down and watched with pleasure as his cock slid in and out of red lips. Aya had his eyes shut but opened them when he sensed him watching. The black kohl round his eyes made the look even sultrier and he began to suck harder on him. Unable to last much longer at that Yohji swore as he came into Aya’s mouth.

He pulled back and rested his head against the wall. Aya coughed a little. “You ok?” he breathed. Aya tugged on the restraints in answer.

Summoning the strength Yohji tugged the knot loose and sank down beside him. Rubbing his wrists Aya shifted so they were lying face to face. Yohji draped his arm and leg over him, trailing his hand lightly up and down Aya's back. He couldn't help lingering of the curve of his ass and tracing the top of the stocking along his thigh. Aya shifted and adjusted the suspender belt. “Can I take this off now? Its not exactly comfortable.”

Yohji grinned. “No, not yet.” He pulled him closer and ran his fingers down Aya's crack, “Mmm, I'm not done with you yet.”

“Oh and what do you intend to do with me next?” Yohji rolled them until he was on top.

“Can't you guess?”

Aya smiled slightly and dropped his arms onto the pillow. “Then do it already.”

Yohji sat up and hooked the lubricant form the table. Aya grabbed his legs and held them apart for him.

“Do it, fuck me Yohji,” he said, his voice rough.

He was already aroused again and Yohji was more than ready as well. He prepared two fingers and pushed them in, there was little resistance. He twisted them and Aya hissed in pleasure, “Now, Yohji.”

Not needing any encouragement he quickly replaced his fingers with his own, slicked cock, pushing in slowly without stopping, until he was fully seated inside him. It was heaven, this feeling. He began to thrust starting the pace fast, he knew Aya could take it, wanted it. Before had been about savouring the sights and sensations of Aya under his control, this time it was just pure lust and pleasure.

Aya was demanding more, harder and Yohji lost himself in the rhythm and feelings of his thrusts. He was dimly aware of Aya reaching a hand to grab his own arousal. He came not long after; head bowed back, strangled curses. Yohji increased his pace, feeling his own release building, teetering on that edge until he was coming hard into the other man.

They both lay there, limbs tangled as they waited for their heartbeats to slow. Eventually Yohji rolled to one side, taking one last look at the vision of black and white. Black legs against white sheets, jet jewels on pale skin.

He drew up the sheets to cover them both. Aya moved over and draped himself over his chest.

“See, I have the best ideas,” Yohji said. Aya opened one eye and just shook his head. Yohji smiled to himself. He had no idea how sexy he looked. As he drifted off he thought of Aya still dressed like this on his hands and knees, presenting his ass to him and begging to be taken. Or maybe gagged, his hands bound again, with his eyes still begging him as he waited to see what punishment Yohji would administer. Maybe the paddle. Oh yeah, they hadn't used that for a while. A cock ring too, until he was done with him. Both near sleep now, Yohji turned his head and whispered, “Hey Aya, keep the outfit on for a little longer, I have a great idea”.


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Jan. 6th, 2009 06:23 am (UTC)
I don't think you're giving Aya enough credit, portraying him being so easily manipulated by Yohji. I really didn't feel at any point like I was actually reading about Aya here; his character didn't come through at all.
Jan. 8th, 2009 02:45 am (UTC)
Well, that made me smile. I liked how free and easy they were together. I also liked the portrayal of Aya; he'll do just about anything, and enjoy it, but he needs just a little bit of coaxing. Yohji obviously brings out his wild side. And -- I like the visual. Worked for me!
Jan. 11th, 2009 10:34 pm (UTC)
Oh, this was really fun!

I like that Yohji has his ways of making it easy for Aya to say yes without losing face. It seemed really sweet.

The sex was lovely and hot. I think I'd want a picture of that, too! Great job!
( 3 comments — Leave a comment )