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Unsavory submission 3 - Flip

Title: Flip
Author: genuinelie
Pairing(s)/Characters: YohjixAya...plus additional.
Rating: R to NC-17ish
Summary: Yohji gives in to not getting what he wants.
Warnings: Angsty
Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz is definitely not mine and I don't make any money off this.

Violet eyes containing unexplained mirth tracked his movements from below him. The man's wetly parted, thin mouth was turned upward in a faint smirk. His own blond hair swung in front of his eyes as he thrust. Irritated with the obstruction of his eyesight, he puffed strands to the side, in between shallow panting breaths.

This was heaven.

Almost heaven.

Granted to him by the devil himself.

But no matter that, you idiot, Kudoh. Don't ruin this.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think I was doing something wrong," he muttered. The expression on the other's pale face was getting to him, ruining the moment. He released an alabaster wrist to bring his hand to the other man's head, running his fingers through irregularly cut, bloodred hair. His tone changed and became almost reverent. "Aya, baby."

The smirk intensified, then dropped for a moment as Yohji drove deeper. Aya arched his back, head bending into the pillow to expose his throat. A groan that sent a jolt of pleasure straight through Yohji's groin to his brain came from those familiar lips. Yohji bit his own in response, lowering his stomach to gain better access. Aya writhed beneath him.


Almost heaven.


They'd started out in a different position. Aya on top like Yohji usually preferred, because he assumed Aya usually preferred. It just felt more right that way, less like he was demeaning the proud swordsman. Not that being fucked by him was demeaning. Also, with Aya, it wasn't fucking, it would never be fucking, and he would always come first - and Yohji meant that both literally and romantically. It was somewhat injuring to his sense of chivalry that his consideration hadn't seemed to have been noticed yet. This uncharacteristic Aya that was squirming and grunting beneath his administrations didn't seem to care how they did it. His steadfast inhibitions weren't present, nor was the surprising shyness he usually took such pains to hide from observation.

While it might not be obvious to just anyone, Yohji prided himself on his knowledge of the other man. He'd had years to build on his cache of Aya-facts, and among them was stored:

Aya's a bastard, because Aya hurts.


If you feel too much, you try to feel nothing.

That last one Yohji had experience with. He wished Aya would teach him how he did it, because the closest he personally came to numbness was with the assistance of an ungodly amount of alcohol.

The point being, he was careful to keep Aya on top, so Aya would be comfortable. Aya out of control was not an Aya who would have fun.

You're deluding yourself, Kudoh. You're forgetting who you're dealing with.

...Tonight, though, he'd come slinking through the door to the hotel room with a different look on his face, a more desperate aura. Third time they'd been together like this, and this was the only time the other man had been on time for their tryst.

And he'd said: "Fuck me, baby, or this isn't happening."

Yohji pushed the words out of his head. He didn't want to know what caused that desperation. "Get that goddamned smirk off your face. You're ruining this." He lowered his head so he wouldn't have to see the sneer evolve and took a gold earring into his mouth, gave it a slight tug, followed with a tongue up an earlobe.

The younger man's body clenched around him, made him shudder into the redhead and let out a hiss of air. Aya's hands dug into his shoulders, and the sheer feeling of being needed eclipsed the pain. Aya's toned abs were flexing beneath his own, their nipples rubbing as Yohji pressed his body full into the other man's, bending his muscular, lithe legs back. Damn, he hadn't imagined Aya'd be that flexible. Their breathing became almost synchronized, hips shoving in tandem. Yohji grunted as he pushed in, pulled out, pushed in, and finally came. He collapsed, burying his face into a sweaty neck. "God! Ran!"

The man beneath him screamed with his own release. Fuck, but it sounded like he'd enjoyed that more than Yohji had.

He opened his eyes after a full minute had passed.

It always ended too soon.

Welcome back to hell, Kudoh.

Blue eyes regarded him with hilarity. "Mein gott, expressions? You want me to act like him, I'm out."

The redhead with hair the wrong color latched an arm around his shoulders, holding Yohji in place before he could push off and go clean up. The voice had lowered when his bed partner spoke again. "You could at least pretend to like me, Yohji baby. I'm doing you a service."

Yohji shrugged him off and reached for the nightstand, pulling a cigarette from his pack. Schuldig took it from him. Yohji pulled another and lit them both, falling on his back. "You want me." He retaliated.

"You're the most fucked up person I know, and great in bed." Schuldig chuckled his agreement. He ran a hand through wild carrot hair and bent impulsively to the side to plant a kiss on Yohji's forehead. His laugh gained intensity. "Ran? Mein gott. You love him. Scheiss." The last was hissed. A beeping came from the discarded pants dangling from the top of the bathroom door. A hard look wiped the amusement from his face. There was a string of muttered German. Yohji watched his admittedly good-looking naked ass get up to retrieve his cellphone and his clothes. There was a hunch to his lanky frame as he tugged up tight white pants that were out of season and a dinner jacket, no shirt. Schuldig blew him a kiss and left a second later. He hadn't checked the cell.

Same time, same place next week, thank-you ma'am. No RSVP required. Not his words, nevertheless resting bitter on his tongue.

The taste left on his lips was of booze and cigarettes and other drugs Yohji tried to avoid firsthand. Before the Mastermind let go of his manipulating grasp on his brain, it had tasted like Aya. Simple, uncomplicated, salty-sweet and generally clean. It had tasted like heaven.

Yohji went to the sink and scrubbed his mouth like he never did after sex. Usually he liked the taste of his lovers to linger.

Schuldig left falsehoods like ash in his mouth.

It was unsavory.

But without it, he'd been withering. Without Aya.

Take your medicine, Kudoh. Schuldig was doing him a favor, after all. And Yohji knew that having someone fuck you and see someone else had to be its own brand of bitch.


( 5 comments — Leave a comment )
Jan. 7th, 2009 01:18 pm (UTC)
I loved this story! I really didn't see Shuldig coming. Thanks for writing and sharing.
Jan. 7th, 2009 06:58 pm (UTC)
My initial reaction was the same as vr2lbast’s, that Aya’s dialog seemed a bit off, but that obviously turned out to be the whole point, heh. I didn’t suspect at all the outcome that played out.

I love how concerned Yohji is for satisfying Aya based simply on assumptions to what would make the other man more comfortable, and how bothered he is when the dynamic is unbalanced. It makes the situation all the more tragic, as it simultaneously shows how much he loves Aya, and yet how little consideration he has for his actual bed partner (poor Schuldig.)

I liked the detail of the unchecked cell phone. It hinted at a more complex story involving Schuldig’s personal motivations, to which I would love to read more on.
Jan. 8th, 2009 05:00 pm (UTC)
Ouch. For both of them. I'm big on angst and this hit the spot, though it's so hard to be left with no hope.

Nicely done. Thanks for submitting!
Jan. 9th, 2009 02:54 pm (UTC)
Ditto on having been fooled by "Aya"'s out-of-character dialogue. Excellent fic, and it left me wanting more. :)
Jan. 21st, 2009 08:08 am (UTC)
I have to say that I did catch on to the fact that is was Schu fairly early... Didn't take anything away from the story though. It was dark and angsty in a way that I rarely read, but that might also be a good thing...

I feel for both of them really. Yohji is so caught up in Aya that he forgets all about Schu, even when the illusion fades. It has to hurt like hell to pretend to be someone else to get the person you want and have them be so disgusted afterwards, both by themselves and you.
( 5 comments — Leave a comment )