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Title: In Accidental Power
Author: star_of_heaven
Pairing(s)/Characters: Aya, Omi, Yoji, Ken
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A world without the need of Weiß would be an ideal world. During a mission, Aya wonders what that notion would mean for him and his teammates.
Warnings: Violence
Disclaimer: Don’t own Weiß Kreuz.

A young man, no older than himself. The target shakes in fear, as if he is a child. He does not beg for his life, nor does he make any excuses. He just stares, wide-eyed, at the angel of death in front of him. Then the sword falls, and the young man prays.

* * *
"Aya-kun, are you in place?" Omi's voice was scratchy through the transmitter, but still clear.

"Yes," Aya answered. He knew Omi was nearby, but could not see him. "The others?"

"In their places as well."

One night, three targets - one each for Aya, Ken, and Yoji. This time the dark beasts were running an illegal fighting club, in which the losers became slaves or were killed outright. Their base of operations was on the outskirts of Tokyo - a dangerous risk, but they had the security to match it, although it would be no match for Omi's skills.

"It's done!" Omi said. "You can get inside now. Just remember, Aya-kun - due to the distance, we'll have a harder time communicating, so be careful!"

"I will." Aya clutched his katana tighter, and he stepped out of the bushes. His target was in the basement of this building, and based on the maps Omi had procured, it was not that big, although heavily guarded. Certain he was alone, Aya went up to the door, and although it had a security lock, it opened up easily at his touch. This was to be a rather straightforward mission.

Once again, Aya descended into yet another hell.

* * *
It hadn't been long since they had fled Tokyo. It hadn't even been long since the incident with those American soldiers. Yet lately they seemed to receive new missions only once every other week at the most. Perhaps dark beasts were becoming rarer and rarer. A world without the need of Weiß would be an ideal world.

Somehow, the prospect didn't make Aya completely happy.

The torrential rain was pounding down on Aya's umbrella. Most people would have considered this to be the worst time to take a walk outside, but Aya preferred it because there were so few people in the streets now. He felt he needed the fresh air, and there would likely be no selling of flowers today because of the rain.

The clouds were dark, as if they were for a storm, but there had been no thunder or lightning. There hadn't been for a while. Just the seemingly endless rain, rain that could wash everything away except for the blood on Aya's hands. They were soiled with the blood of hundreds. He hadn't been innocent for a long time, and his soul was impure. Unclean. Unsavory. Not even eternal rain could cleanse him.

We need the darkness to thrive.

When the last evil is eliminated, we will no longer have any reason to exist.

Aya put down his umbrella and looked toward the darkened sky. The raindrops hit his face, almost painfully, and he sighed heavily. A world without Weiß would be the ideal one for his sister. He had taken her name to remind himself of what he was fighting for, he remind himself of his own humanity. Yet all he had done was soil her pure name.

* * *
The young man lies still on the floor, blood still gushing from the cut on his neck. Of course, it was meant to be a fatal strike, but the deepness of it still surprises Aya. He has killed many, and his strikes have become more precise and his targets do not suffer long. It is so easily to kill another human being, whether accidentally or intentionally. Anyone has that kind of strength. Yet everyday Aya is unnerved by the strength he has, that strength to so easily kill another human being.

* * *
Aya returned to the trailer near nightfall, and the rain had stopped long before, so for the most part he was dry. Strictly speaking, it was not a small trailer, but logically four grown men should not have been able to live comfortably in such an enclosed space. Yet somehow the men of Weiß managed to. Acquaintances, co-workers, friends - none of those words really applied to them, but they were close nonetheless. However, their bond was not unbreakable - it was probably quite the opposite. When the world no longer needed them, they would have no reason to stay together.

The mere thought of that made Aya's heart felt like it was being twisted for some reason.

"Welcome back, Aya-kun!" Omi greeted as Aya walked through the door of the trailer. He was smiling, but it was a strange smile, although only a select few could notice the strangeness.

"Hi," Aya replied quietly, setting his umbrella down next to the couch. Yoji was sitting on the couch and watching the television while Omi was on the floor, inspecting and cleaning his darts. There was no mission currently lined up, but Aya noticed that Omi had been inspecting his darts much more often lately. Quite similar to how Aya had been practicing more often with his katana lately.

Sighing heavily, Aya sat down next to Yoji, who turned his head toward Aya and smiled. "You look down," he said to Aya. "You feeling all right?"

"Are any of us feeling all right?" Aya replied, although he did not intend it to be a cruel question. Yet, he saw Omi shift uncomfortably.

Yoji merely laughed, but it was a weak laugh. "If you mean it like that, then none of us have been 'all right' for years."

"So then, what will happen to us when we're all done?"

Yoji opened his mouth to answer, but another voice cut him off. "We've been doing this for so long," Ken said, who had just entered the room. He was leaning against the doorframe, and while his face was expressionless, there was a look in his eyes that Aya had never seen before. "We're killers. We're stained in sin, and we can never be forgiven."

"Huh, that's pretty deep for you, Ken," Yoji said, running his fingers through his hair. "Still, you're right. This life we're living - it's unsavory, figuratively speaking. But I can't imagine anything different for us."

Omi was wiping even more vigorously at his darts. "But that doesn't answer Aya-kun's question."

Silence fell over them. Finally, Aya said, "There is no answer."

* * *
Blood dripped off of the end of Aya's sword. Normally he at least wiped it off after each kill, but this time the thought didn't even cross his mind. Almost like a mindless zombie, he was retracing his steps, back to where he had come in at. The target had been executed, so it was time to escape. Aya had killed hundreds - maybe even thousands - but it was something he could never get used to, and he sometimes had moments where he was reminded of that fact.

"…kun. Aya-kun!" Omi's voice was scratchy through the transmitter, and the connection kept going in and out. "…police…coming. Aya…hurry…out!"

And then silence. There wasn't even any white noise. Yet the message had been clear enough. Aya broke into a run. There was no one else alive in this basement, so he made no effort to be quiet or hide his presence. He was in hell, and even when he ascended those stairs to the outside, he would still be in hell. He lived within the darkness, and his soul had been corrupted by it. Heaven was forever closed to him, but this life was the one he had willingly chosen.

He rushed up the stairs, his footsteps echoing in the darkness, and when he reached the door and swung it open, he was nearly blinded by a bright white light. He put his hand in front of his face to shield his eyes, and then someone began shouting.

"Put your hands where we can see them! If you do not cooperate, we will not hesitate to use force!"

As long as there was darkness in this world, Aya would have a reason to exist. He was a murderer - impure, corrupt, unsavory. He was part of the darkness he fought against. He had no right to ever expect forgiveness. Yet until the day the world no longer him, he would continue to fight.

Aya clutched his katana tighter and charged forward. He was a member of Weiß, and Weiß fought to protect the goodness left in this time.

* * *
"Do you often take walks in the rain?"

"Ken, if you were just going to complain, you shouldn't have come."

"I'm not complaining. It's just that it hasn't been long since that mission."

"I was able to escape thanks to Omi and Yoji."

"You were still injured pretty badly, though. …hey, Aya?"


"Where are we going?"

A pause. "A place where we're not needed."

A smile. "Yes, that would be nice."


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Jan. 5th, 2009 07:15 pm (UTC)
I liked the internal struggle Aya is going through, that he knows for the benefit of his sister he ought to want the world to not need assassins like him...but his bond with the rest of Weiss is strong enough that he doesn't actually want his lifestyle to end because he would lose them.

I would have liked to see a bit more elaboration at the end though. It gives the impression that Yohji and Omi must not have survived the mission, but it's so vague I had a hard time actually accepting that, and it felt a bit abrupt. I guess that's actually a style you were going for, but it left me feeling slightly bothered.
Jan. 8th, 2009 04:40 pm (UTC)
This reminds me of the flashback in Gluhen when Aya gets stabbed where they talk about life after Weiß, of selling flowers, etc. They're kind of stuck in a life where there's no solution for them either way. With criminals around, Weiß has purpose, but if there was no crime, what would they do with themselves?

Nice internal dialogue. Thanks for submitting!
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